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You say you wanna make love to me
But you’ve only known me two weeks
Give me some peace of mind
Put in some effort
And give it some time

Say you want my juicy fruit
You crave my juicy fruit
Wanna lay my juicy fruit
Enslave my juicy fruit

If you wanna get with me
Be a real man and then we’ll see
My skins are oh so sweet
They be like skimming the ripest of peach

You lure my juicy fruit
Wanna taste my juicy fruit
And core my juicy fruit
Don’t waste my juicy fruit

If you want a piece of this pie
First you gotta learn how to fly
Even if you’re down on your knees
Beggin me please I’ll still be a tease

wanna ride my juicy fruit
Suck my juicy fruit
Slide inside my juicy fruit
Mmmmm my juicy fruit

Now your buggin me, leave me alone
Stop buzzin me, up on my phone
Can’t you hear me? Do you not fear me?
Get your dirty feet. Up off my throne!
Now leave my side, I ain’t your bride
Don’t mean to trample your precious pride
You can’t control me, you can’t unfold me
Run and hide you ain’t built for the ride!